Republishing Content

Writing is a blog post is not a cakewalk, it takes time and efforts to create a blog post worth reading.

For me, it takes around 2-3 hours and at least two mugs of coffee to write a worthy piece. And then it feels like reaching a milestone. 🙂

As a marketer, I don’t just need to write but also distribute it in all the possible ways so that my content could reach the right audience.

And that’s where I add “Republishing Content” in my strategy.

It’s a fact that Guest Posting is one of the best ways to your reach targeted audience but it can take a lot of efforts. And so republishing content is the best substitute for that.

In simple words, republishing means to reuse your old content by publishing it on another website.

But not everyone knows how to do it in the right way. In this article, I will talk about the process of publishing content. The article will include-

  • How to Find the Best Republishing Platforms?
  • Leveraging Medium and LinkedIn.
  • Pitching to those Publications.
  • Dos and Don’ts of Republishing.

Be it a freelance writer or a blogger, republishing content can do wonders.

Let’s get started!

Republishing Content

How to Find the Best Republishing Platforms?

Finding the publication related to your niche that allows republishing can sound a little difficult at first but once you know how to do it, it becomes a fun part.

Here is a sneak peek at how to do it-

List the Publications related to your niche.

You must be aware of some of the best websites that are related to your industry.

These can be some common online platforms. For example, if you are related to my niche that is blogging and marketing there are numerous websites that allow republishing like Business2Community Business Insider, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, etc.

If you have a different niche, try to find out the most popular websites that produce plenty of content every day.

Spy on your Competitors

No matter what your niche is, you definitely have some competitors and these competitors are the best source of information.

This the easiest method. All you need to do is dig a little, and find out some websites that allow republishing content. The best way to do so is by checking out your competitors’ LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn profiles generally have the details regarding where they share content.

Look out for Influencers in your Niche.

This is my personal favourite, I keep on checking the LinkedIn profiles of influencers within my niche.

Apart from just the LinkedIn profile, you can also Google their names to know where do they publish their content.

I also try pitching them and sometimes it does work.

Leveraging Medium and LinkedIn.

If you know me then you certainly have the idea of how much do I like to use Medium and LinkedIn.

And the only common part of both the platforms is that both allow republishing content.

How to Republish on Medium

Medium is a very huge blogging platform and has plenty of publications that allows republishing content.

Once you become a writer for any publications, you get a chance to showcase your content in front of an entirely new audience. Moreover, these publications generally have a huge audience.

All you need to do is find the best publications according to your niche and pitch them. Most of the publications have a separate page for submissions.

Here is how to do it’s

  1. Create an account on Medium.
  2. Go to stories.
  3. Select “Import Story”.
  4. Use the original link to import the article.
  5. Add it to the preferred publication.

How to Republish on LinkedIn

If you are a LinkedIn user then you must be familiar with how powerful LinkedIn is.

LinkedIn was initially launched as a digitised version of CVs and now has a lot of more features and republishing content is one of them.

Republishing content on LinkedIn can help you to showcase your content in front of a bigger audience and also lets you rank faster on Google. Though it provides a no-follow link but can help you to drive traffic to your website.

Here is how to do it’s

  1. Go to LinkedIn.
  2. Select add article.
  3. Copy Paste the whole article.
  4. Mention the original source with the link.

How to Pitch Publications for Republishing Content

When it comes to pitching the desired publications, there are basically two ways-

  1. Using the submission form.
  2. Direct Pitching

Pitching through the Submission Forms-

Many websites love to publish pieces from new writers and so provides submission form.

For example, Business 2 Community has a separate section for applying as a writer. Once you apply there and get selected, you can start submitting content to the website.

It is an easy and simple process, where you just need to tell the publication about your credibility and why your pieces can help their audience.

Direct Pitching

While some platforms allow submission right through their platforms other requires pitching to the editors through emails.

In order to get published on a platform, you need to tell the publication that you will publish fresh content on a regular basis first. So, before you start to republish articles on such websites, you need to publish a few fresh articles first.

For example, if you want to pitch to HuffPost, you need to tell them how are you different from other writers and can add value to their platform. HuffPost has a separate section that conveys the information regarding pitching. Here is a snapshot-

Republishing Content
HuffPost Contribution Page

If there is no separate email address for pitching, you can directly pitch to the editor of your favourite section. Their emails are generally mentioned in the publication.

Another way of reaching them out is by connecting to them through social media. I have pitched to many editors through LinkedIn and Twitter, some do reply and some just ignore but there is no harm in reaching them out at least.

Here are the important elements of the email when you are pitching a publication or an editor.

  • Your subject line is important to try to make it as eye-catching as possible but it should be related to your email body and purpose.
  • If you’re pitching to an editor, make sure that you mention the name.
  • A brief about how can you add value to their platform and why are a credible person.
  • Describe a little about your article and please don’t add any link to the document or attach a document, mention the details in the email body itself.
  • Add a few links of your previous content samples.
  • If you don’t get any reply for a week, send a follow-up

Dos and Don’ts of Republishing Content

Some people believe that republishing content affects SEO and it does make some sense because it’s a fact that the search engines hate plagiarism.

But here is the catch, you aren’t publishing anyone else’s content but your own and the bots are intelligent enough to understand that.

So in order to get the most out of republishing content, here are the dos don’ts-

1.Make sure that you always use the canonical tag with the content.

Paste the given link in the content-

<link rel=”canonical” href=”>

Replace the link with your desired URL.

2. Don’t publish it unless the search engines have indexed your content.

Let the bots first crawl your website and then republish it on other platforms.

If you republish a piece of content to another website with higher credibility then the chances are the search engines will rank them before you.

For your website to rank above the other platform, you need the bots to index your website first.

3. Make a few changes.

Before republishing content on a different platform, make a few changes to it.

Though this is not a necessary stan still do this.

Change the content about 20-30%, tweak the headings and subheadings a little and also change a few images.

Wrapping up-

Republishing Content is a great content distribution strategy. Plus it also a way easier than submitting guest posts. All you need to do is find the best-suited publications, pitch to them and start republishing content. And let me know if you have any other suggestions, I would love to add it to the article. 🙂

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