Is LinkedIn Anyway Useful to You? Let’s Make It Useful With These 7 Tips!

When I was just getting started with my writing career, I didn’t have many connections and ideas about my field of interest. I started to pitch more and more blogs for guest posting but hardly got selected in a few. Why? Because I was an amateur and didn’t have that strong portfolio.


And that’s the exact time when I discovered LinkedIn and put it as my weapon.

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LinkedIn is known as the B2B goldmine with over half a billion users, LinkedIn is the number one channel for B2B marketers to distribute content at 94%. Besides, it is also useful for people who need extra special focus as an individual for their career then I suggest that LinkedIn is the exact platform for you.


Here are my top ways to leverage LinkedIn-


Build an Online Presence


We live in the era of internet and your existence is mostly verified with your social presence. LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms can help you to build an online presence.


Create Brand Awareness


No matter what business you belong, LinkedIn owns a huge piece of your ideal customers. By leveraging LinkedIn in the right way, you can easily create a brand awareness among your targeted audience.


Build a Network


The whole point of social media is to build a network. One of the most interesting facts of LinkedIn is that even the influencers leverage it and if you wish to get connected with your industry influencers then I guess LinkedIn is the most suited platform for you.

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Boost your Personal Brand


Your startup can fail, your career can die but what remains with you is your name and every investment made on your name gives you the highest ROI. With LI, boost your personal brand through posts, comment and even articles and let your audience know about your expertise.


Find New Opportunities


Initially built as a digitised version of CVs, LinkedIn can help you get an opportunity that at you desire. There are plenty of new jobs posted on LinkedIn every day. Furthermore, I have also witnessed some cases that got great opportunities by just boosting their personal brands on LI.


Sell without being Salesy


Social Media hates people who keep selling all the time. With LI, focus on building a relationship with your targeted audience. Once you achieve the trust of your audience and they believe in your expertise, they also start believing in your recommendations.


Drive Traffic to your Website


The most common problem of any blogger is driving traffic to their websites. Try out LinkedIn, republish your articles, promote them through your posts and feel the difference.


I hope you’ve understood that why LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and popular social media platforms and why should you start using it today.


All the Best!!!


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